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AFBHS awards $10,000 in scholarships for the eighth year in a row

July 18, 2015 News

On June 25 at the annual Belmont High School Senior Awards Day ceremony, AFBHS, represented by Penny Whelan Scheideler (Board Member) and Erich Ippen (Treasurer), presented scholarships of $2500 each to four outstanding and deserving graduating seniors. This year’s recipients, shown in the photo below from left to right are Anna Khachaturova, Norman Kilavatitu, Doug Christian and Zaria Osborne-Pight.

Anna came to Belmont from the country of Georgia as a 6th grader and had fit right in. Creative and accomplished in several art forms, she hopes to combine this artistic talent in the future with her interests in coding, programing and computer science. She is headed to Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Norman is achieving his goal to be the first in his family to attend an American university. A passionate and dedicated athlete, he joined the varsity in soccer as a sophomore, became team captain as a senior and was a Middlesex All Star. He also played club soccer, coached a local Belmont youth soccer team and is looking forward to pursuing business, economics and psychology at New England College.

A talented student and class leader, Doug has been active in rugby and crew and was captain of the wrestling team. He has not yet decided on a specific academic direction but has an ambitious and positive view toward his future at College of Charleston, SC.

Zaria has commuted to Belmont High School from Boston every day on public transportation. Yet she has, for three years, made time to volunteer at a collaborative Belmont school for students with various mental impairments while still focusing successfully on her studies. Respected by her classmates for her dedication, maturity and good sense of humor, Zaria is interested in serving society in a career in criminal justice and will begin her studies at Westfield State University.

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