AFBHS Awards $14,000 in Scholarships

Today for the 11th year in a row the Alumni and Friends of Belmont High School (AFBHS) awarded four scholarships to outstanding BHS seniors at Senior Award Day.  This year four $3,500 scholarships were presented to Rebecca Salame (Johnson & Wales University), Tomas Donoyan (Framingham State University), Won Young Jang (University of Chicago) and Albert Chen (Dartmouth University). They are shown, left to right, in the photo below.

All four have been outstanding students.  According to sources at BHS:

Rebecca wants to become a chef and own her own restaurant.  She is self-directed and focused, earns excellent grades and is not afraid to push herself.  While not on the high school soccer team, she is part of the Belmont town team and has held many jobs.

Tomas has been a leader on the basketball court and is admired by his teammates.  He is a tireless worker, confident, out-going and resilient, overcoming a torn Achilles at the end of his junior and coming out on top.

Won Young is the perfect mix of maturity, a witty sense of humor and a vast vocabulary.  His eclectic passions have made him popular and given him the ability to convene with anyone.   He overcame a humble background to excel academically and succeed in many activities.

Albert wants to pursue science and history and does well across all subject areas.  He is a conscientious student with writing skills that enable him to communicate ideas and concepts very effectively.  He has also regularly demonstrated exceptional kindness and inclusion by helping others.