AFBHS Awards $12,000 in Scholarships in 2017

2017 marks the 10th year that the Alumni and Friends of Belmont High School (AFBHS) has awarded four scholarships to outstanding BHS seniors who need financial aid to pursue their education.  This year the four $3000 scholarships were presented to Daniel Holt (Wesleyan University), Su Jing Chen (Case Western Reserve University), Fiona Martin (University of San Diego) and Ciara Murphy (Emory University).  They are shown, left to right, in the photo below.

There aren’t enough positive enough adjectives to describe Danny Holt.  BHS teachers have described him as inquisitive, creative, articulate, humble and kind as well as incredibly talented both in an out of the class room.  With a 4.01 GPA he earned honors every semester; he was a member of the award winning wind ensemble, a drummer in the jazz combo and a drum line captain in the marching band.

Su Jing Chen developed a strong sense of independence and maturity at an early age.  She and her father came to the US when Su was seven.  Due to immigration policies, it took another five years for her mother to be able to join them.  Now, according to her teachers, nothing seems to get in Su’s way, accessing experiences and reaching goals.  She has been an outstanding student, a member of the orchestra and the volleyball team.  Volunteering at a nearby hospital has helped her identify future goals in nursing and medicine.

Fiona Martin has been an excellent student and a real leader at BHS.  Weathering a tough time personally due to parental divorce, she maintained high grades and captained the girls’ volleyball team.  She is well prepared both academically and socially for college and is looking forward to college life on the west coast.

Ciara Murphy has been a model student at BHS, increasing the difficulty of her coursework every year, playing three sports for three years and working 20 hours a week throughout.  What makes her success even more remarkable is been her personal situation. She began high school while living in foster care, was reunited with her mother and siblings in 10th grade and proceeded to live in a succession of three homeless shelters.  She has used her bilingual skills to help other shelter residents and is looking forward to a future of continuing to contribute to society while engaging in college life and academics.