Funds and Endowments

AFBHS funds are designated as either Unrestricted, Class Endowment, General Endowment, or Named Endowment Funds.

Unrestricted Funds – These funds, obtained from donations, are available to meet operating and scholarship program needs as determined by the Board of Directors. Any gifts made without stipulation will be treated as unrestricted.

Class Endowments – These endowments, named for individual graduating classes of BHS, are funded by unrestricted gifts from members of a single class that exceed $2,500 in a single fiscal year.  Class endowments are invested for growth to a level specified by the Board, currently $50,000, at which they can provide an additional scholarship in the name of the Class..  Giving directly to a Class Endowment is not permitted.

General Endowment Fund – Unrestricted funds not needed for expenses, the annual scholarship program or Class Endowments may be deposited by the Board of Directors into the General Endowment Fund. These funds will be considered permanent endowment and will be invested for growth, with the goal of achieving a level at which the earnings of which will make possible scholarships beyond those that can be supported by annual donations.  Earnings of the General Endowment may be reinvested or used for scholarships at the discretion of the Board.

Named Endowments – Any individual or group may create a Named Endowment in memory of, or to honor, an individual, family or other group.  The value of the gift required within the first year to create a Named Fund will be determined annually by the Board of Directors (currently $1000). After creation, any individual may donate any amount directly into a Named Fund.  A Named Fund will be invested for growth with the objective of reaching the level required to become a Permanent Named Fund.  That level is determined at initiation by the Board (currently $50,000).  Earnings from a Permanent Named Fund will be used to provide scholarships in the name of the Fund.  Named Funds that do not reach the level of permanency within 5 years will be reviewed annually by the Board in conjunction with the principal donors to the fund, if possible, to determine whether to maintain the fund with expectation of permanency or to find a way to honor the name of the Fund with other possible uses of the funds. Donations specifically designated for one-time scholarships are not accepted by AFBHS.  Anyone wanting to provide one so should contact Belmont High School directly.

Current Named Endowment Funds

      • Meldon Wenner Scholarship Fund
      • Evelyn Hornsey Scholarship Fund
      • Nancy Schneider Bushinsky Scholarship Fund